Doing it anyway

Here are some thoughts on some random recent experiences that threatened to make me old on the inside. I tried choosing rather to be young on the inside. Which is of course what this blog is about. Maybe you can relate.

Disclaimer: This is not a diatribe of self-pity. It’s just a bunch of earnest, optimistic challenges to me and hopefully to you. Because the way of Jesus is always warm-fuzzy even in the face of relentless cold-prickly (Luke 6:27-36).


You are probably not as important to some people as they are to you. It hurts. Make them important anyway.

You probably won’t be thanked for dropping off a batch of rusks at your local police station. It sucks. Take rusks to policemen anyway.

Some people think you’re weird because you’re always going on about living passionately and finding God’s glory everywhere. It makes you doubt yourself. Live passionately and look for God’s glory anyway.

Some people think your ideas are wild or stupid. It knocks the wind out of your sails. Think of ideas anyway.

Some people might pretend not to see you in a mall. Ouch. See them and greet them anyway.

Some people don’t text you back. It’s frustrating. Text them anyway.

Sometimes you do all the inviting. It’s tiring. Invite people anyway.

Sometimes you realise that the we-organise-your-passport-at-home-affairs-quick-quick agency was dodgy. It makes you furious. Trust people anyway (just maybe not dodgy passport agencies).

Don’t let bitterness creep in. It will shrink your influence for Jesus.

Love anyway.


Any thoughts? What are you doing anyway?


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  1. Hi Delene, great reading once again. I find what I do anyway, or by default, is to live in my own strength. So my love is very much conditional. Awe-inspiring that God’s love isn’t. Here’s to a renewed understanding, and a living out of His massive grace (Ìn His strength 🙂


  2. Hi Dee! I discovered your blog through a comment by Brian on Facebook and say amen to Alex’s comment. Thank you. I so appreciate your writing! You touched me.


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