FREE eBook giveaway: The Prayer Manifesto for Moms

So, my #5minutes4freedom act of obedience today:

I’m giving away the eBook that I wrote last week –

The Prayer Manifesto for Moms by Dalene Reyburn

It’s little and light. Lightning quick to read. But I’m thinking it could sit heavy in your heart. And in the next generation. And in eternity.

It reads beautifully in Kindle (phone or tablet) or any other eReader and in old-school Adobe.

It’s free for download right here because I’d love to get it onto the devices of as many moms as possible.

So if you’re a mom, or a dad married to a mom, or a mom who knows another mom who knows a mom who might be encouraged by some gritty prayers for glory – pass it on.

Please email your peeps or share this link on your own facebook page or click here to tweet about it. I’ll also be pinning some of the book’s pages as free printables.

What’s in it for me?

A great relief and release to have set these words free. And a growing excitement at what God might do in this generation and the next if we really started praying.

Please drop me a comment if you download this free eBook. I’d like to know that you stopped by, and I’d like to be able to thank you for sharing the love.

And if you feel weird about getting something for nothing, you could always donate to this community of kids in Maubane because they don’t have moms of their own praying for them. We’re still trusting to raise the funds for a community kitchen and welcome centre, a community outreach hall and 12 classrooms, by Mother’s Day (11 May 2014).

And here it is again if you missed it at the top – download and enjoy!

The Prayer Manifesto for Moms by Dalene Reyburn

I’m super excited to get your feedback on The Prayer Manifesto for Moms. Consider signing up to receive these posts by email or click here to stay in touch. You can also follow #5minutes4freedom on facebook or twitter


  1. Hi Dee, just a note to say wow! Amazing and wonderful words. I am so inspired to read them, live them and make each of them part of our life.
    Thank you, I look forward to buying more of your books soon.

    Lots and lots of love


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