2013-things-of-thanks | Week 49

It’s Sunday and as I post this on borrowed wi-fi we’ve been without electricity for two days. While it’s comforting to know that our call is important to the municipality and we live in hope that we will be transferred to the next available agent, the thrill of candles and camping gas wore off about 36 hours ago.

So, I am very grateful for electricity (gift no. 1890).

I’m also grateful for how there’s nothing like the darkness to show up the light (gift no. 1891).

And a bunch of other things of thanks  for the week that’s been: 


1892 Murray’s phone on loudspeaker and Scott dancing to the City of Tshwane’s please-hold music

1893 Glow of lanterns spread through the rooms of the house –

1894 And how somehow soft lights make for quiet

1895 Long-ish battery life on most of our devices –

1896 And charging them all at the de Koks –

1897 And showering at the van Reenens –

1898 And eating their microwaved leftovers

1899 Lives changed at an incredible Grade 8 relationship training seminar

1900 Gail Botha

1901 Charlotte Francis

1902 Jarred Jacobs

1903 Cam’s last day of Grade 00 – what a victorious year!

1904 Christmas holidays: bliss of long December weeks stretching free

1905 Scott’s growing independence – doing so much more for himself

1906 Tea on the stoep looking up into thorn trees

1907 Spontaneous coffee with Cindy at the Boeremark

1908 Crack of dawn wanderings through muddy market pathways

1909 So much fresh produce – bright beauty – strong scents – deliciousness

1910 Hot pancakes

1911 Restfulness of being alone and at peace in a bustling crowd

1912 Pam whatsapp’ing from Harare – recipe ideas and which peppers to buy

1913 Cam opening up while I snuggled him at bedtime – ‘I feel I don’t see very well…’

1914 Talking about the Lord with our builder, Fred –

1915 And the verse he shared with us: Hebrews 12:14

1916 Cousin sleepovers two nights in a row

1917 Kids singing Jesus songs at supper

1918 Murray and Reynard swapping roof waterproofing stories

1919 Thrush flying into the lounge – wild flapping panic – eventually finding its way out again without pooing on the couches

1920 My Mom making Cam a bright red golf flag for a putt-putt party

1921 Space in Mel’s fridge and freezer for all our food

1922 Voucher for a date at Heat

1923 Scott: ‘Mom, you a princess lady. Dad a big king man!’

1924 Sunday morning’s sermon

1925 Chat with Jason after church – his heart for the youth

1926 Vanish stain remover for paint splashed

1927 Last day of school milkshakes with Debs and Tyla

1928 Meeting the neighbours –

1929 And putting an extension cord over their wall

1930 Surrendering my ducks to God and accepting that even though they are not swimming in single file (indeed, they are not even on the pond) God knows where they are and where they should be


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