2013-things-of-thanks | Week 43

We’re down to single figures – only nine weeks left of this year. As 2013 starts winding up to shut down, it would be so cool to hear about where your gratitude journey has taken you this year?

My 39 things for the week:


1647 Walking with Coral under jacaranda canopies in Brooklyn streets early on a Monday morning, like we did when we were students –

1648 And coffee afterwards at Aroma –

1649 And catching her passion for acoustics and this Master’s she’s reading for and the students she’s lecturing

1650 Driving past the house in Pienaar Street where Murray spent the first 25 years of his life

1651 My Dad helping Murray with tap fittings and gate motors and stuff

1652 Doom for termites

1653 Insurance assessor and contractors coming earlier than promised to replace damaged ceilings – for the win!

1654 Choosing aloes and succulents from Ena’s garden, for ours

1655 Scott saying, ‘Mom, you go to church.’ And staying at Sunday School all on his own. Yes!

1656 Laying paving with Murray and breaking nails and feeling a little bit hardcore

1657 Meeting some of Mark’s family – Julia and Daniel

1658 Documentary on the Bush War – revealing

1659 Smell of a new book

1660 Finishing the Chimney Corner Collection with the boys –

1661 And starting on the Valley of Adventure

1662 Murray fixing my laminator which I thought I had irreparably jammed

1663 Sound of a pick in hard soil: slam – slam – then thud – loosen – thud – loosen

1664 Josie Mae – home with Jesus after just a week or so –

1665 And that so many gathered around her little life to pray

1666 Murray’s faithfulness in doing the admin he hates

1667 First Christmas beetles thwacking against curtains at night

1668 Maria

1669 Lichen on trees and brick walls

1670 Our housewarming

1671 Soft steady rain all day on a Sunday

1672 Murray home wet and muddy from the Rotsvas Challenge

1673 Scott’s giggle when you hold him upside down by his feet

1674 Duncan and Tanya Brown’s ministry

1675 Electricity cut at church and still we sang

1676 Old sleeping bag for Lola under the eaves at the front door to keep her sort of dry while we were at church

1677 Cam drawing and colouring in pages and pages of ‘army men’

1678 Pride of India tree that we thought was dead – sprouting green hope

1679 When someone sees and understands a tough decision I’ve made

1680 Walking around the block in the drizzle – boys excited like we’re on a quest

1681 Christian leaders who don’t worry about political correctness

1682 Massive sweet strawberries from our green grocer

1683 Cam getting the garage door

1684 Lengthening days

1685 Toast and leftovers


Jacaranda photo credit

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