HALFWAY | 2013-things-of-thanks | Week 26

It’s the difference – how you see the half.

It’s the difference in a wholly broken world full of half-hearted half-truths and people half-desperate half-disbelieving with broken-in-half hearts because half their hopes have been taken and tossed.

How you see the half – it’s the difference between fullness and futility. And the fullness floods in when we remember thanks and forget ourselves. How you see the half – it’s what fleshes you out whole again.

I’m halfway to counting 2013 things for the year that answers to that name. Here are this week’s 39 things:


976 Half a crumpet – last one – shared

977 Living in a country that is half first world, half third world – layers of colour and texture and grace and hope and the marvel of rich, difficult, beautiful paradoxes

978 Halfway between dough and baked – the part where the biscuits are in the oven and the house smells like poetry

979 Eyes that are half-chocolate-half-emerald

980 Halfway through a year and a winter – longest night behind us – summer in the southern hemisphere before we know it –

981 And halfway to Christmas

982 Half a minute on the phone – confusion to clarity

983 Murray leaving tonight for America – grateful, when half of me is missing, that I have another half to miss –

984 And that halfway across the world this is true: May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other. – Genesis 31:49

985 Half the laundry done

986 Halfway through reading a spellbinding book – hoping it won’t end ever because I’ll miss the people in the pages –

987 When half a friendship forms and you’re pretty sure it’ll grow whole

988 Dawn – half quiet night, half burgeoning day

989 Dusk – half bustling day, half satisfied night

990 Half asleep, half awake – enough of each to know the deep wonder of bed and oblivion

991 Halfway stopovers on road trips

992 Cam – halfway through Grade 00

993 Half the house strewn with toys and hurtling happiness

994 Watching Argo: half terrified – wholly enthralled

995 Half a cup of tea forgotten – microwaved – just fine

996 Sanctified: halfway between justified and glorified

997 Half a pizza – better for calorie intake than a whole pizza

998 The luxury of knowing half the people in the room –

999 And the gift of getting to know the other half

1000 Terry Brauer who gave me my copy of One Thousand Gifts

1001 And Ann Voskamp who wrote it and got me started on this journey

1002 Half a bread roll on the bird feeder pecked hollow

1003 Half an hour on the couch watching cricket – half-interested

1004 Half a box of Smarties. (Ok, a whole box of Smarties.)

1005 Halfway through a journey – when you’re away but not yet there and there’s time to think and recalibrate and process the time zones or mind zones – rhythmic shift in place and perspective

1006 Half a grapefruit each for breakfast

1007 Past the halfway mark: 1006 blessings left to count this year, God willing

1008 Half a sentence choked out – wholly understood

1009 Halfway through the process of selling one house and buying another – uneasy excitement

1010 Murray pouring us the last of the fruit juice – half a glass each

1011 Icon of half a battery in the corner of my screen reminding me of the wireless wonder of our unplugged lives

1012 Little boys – half as tall as their Dad

1013 Half-finished renovations – imaginings of paint and potential

1014 Half the slowly spinning world always in sunlight


Got some halfway blessings to count? I would so love to hear from you.



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