2013-things-of-thanks: Week 24

For sure, life is hard and ugly. But sometimes we’re so steeped in first-world blessings that we’re dissatisfied and discontent and disconnected from the Giver of the gifts. Sometimes there really is more chance of stuff going right than wrong. Sometimes God just blesses – for no reason and against all odds.

I dare you to ask God to open your eyes this week to 39 things that shout about goodness. Go on. See if he doesn’t.


898 Friends who are still friends even though my lemon and ginger pudding was inedible and Murray had to bring out an emergency slab of chocolate

899 Earl Grey and recalibration of perspectives on Coral’s couch

900 Cam’s indefatigable, precise memory

901 Le Petit Prince

902 How it changes everything to know – really know – that I am redeemed and beloved

903 A Friday morning at Isabella’s, involving –

904 Kirst, Nats, Jo, Debs and –

905 Too many calories

906 When people in a rugby stadium crowd realise the camera is on them and they wave ecstatically in the wrong direction

907 Let me be the one who says it out loud

908 The Stokkers on our stoep on a Saturday afternoon

909 Encouraging facebook wall posts

910 Relief that not all the dreams I used to dream have come true

911 Tea with Lourika and Corné

912 A play date: four boys and not a single fight, tantrum or serious injury

913 Cam’s library books on a Tuesday

914 Very warm cream-coloured sweater

915 Saturday morning warm winter walk, just me and Scott

916 Father’s Day pirate fun for Murray and Cam at HCS

917 Orthotics in my running shoes

918 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – again

919 Natalie’s positivity

920 Biltong

921 My folks home from Namibia

922 When people are genuinely happy for other people

923 When Scott makes it to the potty just in time

924 Drawers that open and close smoothly

925 Small world

926 Big world

927 The colour of change

928 Cam and Craig conquering pirate-infested seas from the top bunk

929 Organza skirts

930 Spontaneity

931 The six-legged Brown Blanket Monster who hunts each night between teeth-brushing and bedtime and then collapses in the lounge, spewing out two giggling tired boys and their Dad

932 Good advice – a passing sentence – when you don’t expect it

933 A difficult chapter written and re-written and finally wrapped up

934 Watering pansies in pots on the deck

935 Loyalty cards and points and the illusion of free stuff

936 Jehovah-Shammah: ‘The One Who is with us everywhere for He is Omnipresent’


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One comment

  1. Another great list my friend – resonating with 907 is my friend Candi’s post I imagine you probably saw [http://brettfish.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/taboo-topics-parents-of-small-children-meet-candi-fourie] on parenting young children when it’s not always that easy. Good to have places to share and comment on this stuff. Well done on getting this far and being able to find so much to be grateful for as you continue…

    Strength in Him
    love brett


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