2013-things-of-thanks: Week 10

And as God’s grace reaches more and more people, there will be great thanksgiving, and God will receive more and more glory. – 2 Corinthians 4:16

Grace. To thanksgiving. To glory.

I’m praying that this Scripture resonates with you. And that you decide to make your own weather today, by giving thanks. Here are this week’s 39 things:

352 Aching muscles after a full day of life

353 Murray building cupboards

354 An adoption conference – for fixing the future

355 Bumping into Jack and Pam in the bookshop

356 Ideas for kiddies’ parties

357 Reynard holding his day-old daughter; dad eyes soft, wonder-filled

358 Plane ticket booked

359 Smell of Johnson’s baby shampoo on sleepy bedtime heads

360 Yoghurt-covered shortbread

361 Freedom that comes when we choose quality of life over standard of living

362 Visiting hours

363 Cam praying for me when I had gastro

364 The miracle of no one else in the family getting gastro

365 That there are this many days in a year – God’s perfect seasonal design

366 Anja’s tea garden with the girls

367 Scott sneaking off his bed and giggling in the passage

368 Date night

369 Pizza

370 Walking through the veld with Murray

371 Free optometric care

372 New spec frames for me and Cam

373 A tidy playroom

374 Talks that iron out the wrinkles

375 Cam recognising a new voice

376 Catching a lift

377 Big screens

378 This series of sermons, on finding breathing room in your life

379 We get to know and worship our Creator

380 People who notice the little things

381 Scott not needing antibiotics

382 For Jo – that morning sickness does end, eventually

383 A woman whose HIV status changed from positive to negative

384 Sales

385 The afternoon-nap-blanket on the end of our bed

386 Catching up with Clint

387 Dove grey sky

388 Plumbers

389 Memories of pains-aux-raisins in Paris

390 No plans on a Friday night


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