2013-things-of-thanks: Week 9

‘When thanksgiving hits a tipping point, it becomes thanksliving and catapults us straight into the will of Christ.’ – Ann Voskamp

If you’re wondering what all this about, check out the challenge.

313 Murray doing air guitar on the dance floor like when he was 22

314 Irene Dairy with Scott – early, quiet and cool

315 Swans

316 Cows

317 Canals

318 Thick cream

319 Sequins

320 Gummi Bears (as in, bouncing here and there and everywhere)

321 Polite call centre consultants on the other end of my fury

322 Car advice

323 Posting a birthday card and a teabag (long story)

324 The power of prayer to transcend circumstances

325 People who make an effort

326 Friendly pharmacist – smiled at me like a hug

327 Ants

328 Every hour a gift from God

329 Harlem Shake laughter

330 Asthma pumps

331 Maria singing Jesus songs in my kitchen

332 Plastic tablecloths (so easy-wipe!)

333 Good homework days with Cam

334 Scott wallowing long and happy in the blow-up pool

335 Tea on Gwen’s couch

336 Seeds sown long ago

337 Goosebumps when people talk about God

338 Re-runs of Whose line is it anyway?

339 My mom unhurt in an accident

340 The way Scott always ends up on my lap by the end of the meal

341 Confidence that God will complete the good work he started

342 The neighbours’ blocked drain fixed

343 Brett finding Val’s wedding ring

344 Insightful tweets that bring perspective rather than just adding to the noise

345 Owl hooting soft – wild Africa in sleeping suburbia

346 Ellipsis dots that say it all

347 Strange twang of half-‘n-half emigrated accents: everything changes

348 Flash drives

349 Broken jug – more space in the cupboard

350 ‘Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy’ – Psalm 34:5

351 First rumours of autumn at dawn

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