2013-things-of-thanks: Week 8

When heroes fall and there’s tragedy and grief and rape and disaster and the world seems unbelievably screwed up then I find it hard to see the eucharisteo moments and my thanksgiving is a sacrifice of praise because sacrifice is difficult and costly.

Still, here are my 39 things.

274 Dusting off my French

275 Bedside lamps

276 Cumulonimbus clouds

277 Watching the boys sleep

278 A quiet house

279 Cam’s new school friends – what an answer to prayer!

280 Scott’s creativity (he ‘make a beach’ on our bed yesterday with his juice – turned the duvet into a swamp)

281 Cam’s out-of-the-boxness (‘Dad, what does a person’s oesophagus smell like? And what do eye sockets smell like?’)

282 Cool fonts

283 Coffee and crumpets and catching up with Samantha –

284 At Jam & Daisies

285 Being brought low. Realising I’m dust.

286 Hot chocolate with Helen

287 Scott doing the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred with me and Mel at 5:00 am

288 Snipping open a packet of freshly ground coffee – breathing in that first aroma

289 When you know people must be praying

290 Reconciliation

291 Putting in the last puzzle piece

292 Truth

293 Nappies on special

294 Rory’s story cubes

295 Cam and Scott singing together in their room

296 This bedtime memory

297 When the boys remember on their own to chew with their mouths closed

298 Grace

299 The justice system

300 A clean house

301 Waves

302 New friends

303 Old friends

304 Francophone car guards and the stories they hold of central Africa

305 Beautifully blended families

306 Hot dogs

307 Ena’s curry

308 Not rushing on a Saturday

309 Pirate patches

310 Quiet libraries

311 Cam’s own grownup glass for breakfast juice

312 Neighbours who wave

Are you struggling this week to be thankful? Leave a comment.

Photo credit: http://images.wisegeek.com/clouds-in-sky.jpg

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