2013-things-of-thanks: Week 2

Here are my next 39 things. You don’t have to read my list. It’s just my worship to God – my fullness – my living. But please please please before the sun sets and today is gone: notice something you’ve taken for granted. Hold for a moment something you’ve rushed past. Because ‘whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens’ (James 1:17). (1935 to go.)

40 Walking home barefoot from my sister’s house

41 Planning the year: adventures, menus, etc.

42 Scott helping me bring in the washing

43 Feeling free without a cell phone

44 Spinning in the lounge with Cam and Scott

45 Cam waking up with a huge smile

46 Other people sharing their lists of 39 things

47 When we’re all quietly, deeply contentedly busy with our own thing (Lego, helicopter, blogging…)

48 Phone calls to friends when we really connect – like, we should be on a Telkom ad

49 Sun scattered through tall trees on lawn

50 Scott surrounded by books on his bedroom floor, paging quietly

51 Running through the sprinkler on hot afternoons

52 The barber who cuts the boys’ hair and also sells fishing rods and some kitchen appliances

53 Stripy mugs

54 Morning sunlight through the blinds

55 Dozens of Murray’s ‘Love you’ every day

56 Home visit from Cam’s new teacher, arriving at our gate with armfuls of stationery and love

57 Nanna for early morning tea

58 Cam’s happy-dance-breathless-jumping-ecstatic-shrieking excitement to be starting Grade 00

59 Scott’s happy-dance-breathless-jumping-ecstatic-shrieking excitement when we bump into his cousins at Pick ‘n Pay

60 Dark chocolate

61 Scott’s toilet roll castle

62 A weaver on the bird feeder while we eat supper on the deck

63 Toothpaste

64 Photos on our walls writing our story

65 Refuge in God

66 Three kids we know who nearly didn’t have a dad but thank God they do still

67 Murray’s face when he’s in the visual therapy zone

68 A Happy-New-Year text message that will keep wind in my sails for at least six months, I reckon

69 World Wide Classroom

70 Cam’s irrepressible optimism

71 Scott’s soft way with animals

72 The way Murray just gets me

73 All the dishes finally washed

74 Murray’s insight and big-picture perspectives

75 A counter wiped clean

76 Rusks

77 When that song comes on and I turn it up loud

78 Little feet on tiles, seeking us out at dawn

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