Guest post: Marriage and Other Scary Stuff

I’m guest posting today for Shae Bloem – part of her series on Marriage and Other Scary Stuff.

Refuge from a crazy world

Three thousand years ago, it was cool to compare the girl of your dreams to pomegranates and flocks of goats and stuff like that. The little book sandwiched sexily between Ecclesiastes and Isaiah is kind of freaky, in an ancient-Near-East-erotica kind of way.

Still, I love reading Solomon’s Song of Songs. I think the poetry is all at once poignant and down-to-earth and transcendent and gloriously romantic. But it’s not just the poetry. There’s a beautiful theme that recurs. I chatted to my husband, Murray, about writing this post. We agreed that all the marriage advice we have to offer is probably underpinned by this one theme.

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