Love your wife until she’s beautiful [*1-minute read*]

Dear husband feeling stuck in a broken or boring marriage

First, the disclaimers:

#1   I’m not perfect.

#2   My husband isn’t perfect.

#3   Our marriage isn’t perfect.

#4   Everyday, we fling ourselves on the mercy of God, and we’ll keep doing that as long as we’re alive.


#5   In his imperfection, and despite mine, my husband lives the gospel under our roof and out in the world. The gospel is true. The gospel works. I know this because I’m the satisfied recipient of my husband’s love.  

So here goes:

God designed marriage to be a tangible, touch-and-feel, I’ll-believe-it-if-I’ve-lived-it real-life motion picture of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And the gospel is simple. Difficult, but so simple.

In this motion picture marriage adventure: you are Jesus, and your wife is the church.

Jesus is the hero who doesn’t love us because we’re beautiful. He loves us until we become beautiful. He loves us until we’re healed and whole. He loves us into our potential. He loves us until we flourish. He loves us so we can fully-completely love Him back.

Do we deserve his love? Definitely not.

Do we always appreciate His love? Hell, sometimes we’re oblivious to it.

Do we take His love for granted? Every freakin’ day.

Does He keep on loving us, anyway?

A thousand times yes and amen.

Husband, please please please don’t grow weary of doing good. Lead your wife the way Jesus leads His church: with the relentless love that has no place for the selfishness of needs unmet.

Your wife may not deserve your love. You probably don’t deserve hers. Love her anyway. Love her until she becomes lovely to you again. Pray that God would help you to see her the way He sees His church: a bride without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish – holy and without fault.

Love your wife from the grace space of knowing you’re both immeasurably loved by the Father.

[Adapted from the archives.]

. . .

Happy weekend to you, friend!

Please pay this post forward to your people. Let’s ask God to save some marriages from the clutches of this weird and difficult year, yes?

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