You’re a mirror, not a light bulb

What a splendid sledgehammer to the heart. We’ve been watching Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio’s History series this week, and it’s been so incredible to be reminded that it’s all about God’s glory. Everything. I’ve been reminded that I am not a light bulb – a source of light – but rather a mirror – a reflector of his light.


And what good timing. I needed that reminder and encouragement as I ‘launch’ this blog. It’s not about the number of hits fuelling or dousing my ego; it’s not about the thrill of the written word being read in the wider world. It’s about me writing what God puts on my heart and then holding out a mirror to reflect his brilliance in such a way that those who read what I write can’t even see me for the light in their eyes.


So, I guess what I mean is:


I will do my best to live and walk closely to Jesus. I will look… and listen… and then write. I will try not to imitate – or be intimidated by – the awesome writers, preachers, leaders and bloggers I admire. I will be me. I will be honest and un-contrived. I will remember that deep within my DNA lies the truth that I am made in his image and designed to magnify his glory. Like a full moon, most beautiful when it is positioned to reflect maximum light from the sun, I will remember that I am happiest, most effective and most fulfilled when I stop trying to be the source of light. I will get busy reflecting.


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